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Automated SMT Assembly
– 0201, uBGA, CSP capability
– Mixed SMT & Through hole Assembly
– Flexible Circuit Assembly
– Automated Screen Printing
– Lead-Free assembly – Dedicated RoHS lines
– No-clean solder & DI water-wash process
– BGA Rework
Automated Optical Inspection
– BGA X-Ray Inspection
– Conformal coating & encapsulation
– Depanelization system
– Conformal coating
– Custom enclosures
– Cable and Harness assemblies
– Burn-in
– Thermal Cycling
– IC Programming
– Serialization
– Computerized Order Tracking
– MRP Inventory Management Control
– IMS – Intermetalic substrate
–Custom Test Fixture Design
– Test Program Development
– J-Tag & Boundary Scan
– Support Peripheral Test Equipment

Using our customized MRP System, we are dedicated team of procurement specialists ensure your materials are purchased in the most proficient and cost effective manner. Working with a global network of distributors our just-in-time purchasing procedures control inventory while assuring acquisition of components for forecasted scheduled deliveries.

APOLLOPCB's team of experienced and skilled employees specialize in high mix, high complexity assembly solutions. Utilizing both SMT automation equipment and manual assembly techniques, we custom tailor your product’s assembly profile for maximum proficiency and expediency. Automated optical inspection (AOI), and BGA x-ray ensure that the highest quality and reliability are guaranteed.

Most Importantly, our team harmonizes your functional test fixture with your test procedures, assuring the complete integrity of your product.

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