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All laser cut stainless steel stencils from APOLLOPCB are manufactured by the same production procedure with the same high accuracy. The decisive factor for our quality is the precise laser cut with a blade clearance of only 20µm.

Precise Cut

The laser cut stainless steel stencils are produced in air condition production rooms with fiber laser. The distinct lower cutting opening (20 µm instead of formerly 40 µm) with equal depth of focus sharpness allows a reduced heat input. At the same time the edges are less coarse and the laser cutting of the stainless steel stencils is more accurate. The precision of the lightly conical apertures allows a more efficient solder paste release and increases the process window in the pick and place operation. To produce true to size laser cut stainless steel stencils it is necessary that the laser cutting process takes place in strained conditions.

APOLLOPCB stencil production offers the following advantages

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