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Automated X-ray Inspection(AXI)


What is an automated X-ray inspection?

Automated X-Ray inspection is a technology that runs on the same principle as AOI. Compared to the AOI, which focus on the surface quality control, X-ray inspection is the perfect inspection method for the solder joints inside the PCBs. It can reveal any defects in the solder joints that would not be visible in ordinary optical systems.

The ever-more-complex surface mount technologies meet the demand of high-density components while putting forward higher requests for the quality inspection of the PCBs. Traditional inspection methods are insufficient because the solder joints in BGA, QFN, and flip-chip are hidden under the packages. Automated X-ray inspection is an inspect method that uses an X-ray system to run a non-destructive inspection of BGA components and other small-footprint devices.


How to work with the X-ray inspection system?

X-rays are high-energy electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate the components to check their internal structures. When the X-rays pass through a component, different densities within the components attenuate different amounts of X-rays and resulting in areas of light and shade on the detection medium. For examples, the unmatched shadows of the pin and the pad in the X-ray image indicate that the components are offset by an abnormal amount of solder paste or SMT deviation; Defects on the board, such as porosity, slag inclusion, and incomplete welding, will form bright spots and lights on the inspection image.

Usually, PCB manufacturers integrate X-ray inspection systems into a production line that can check BGA components on a PCB in less than 30 seconds. It is good at inspecting hidden defects, including short circuits, open circuits, misalignments, missing components, etc. And the defect types of BGA to be detected usually are short circuits caused by solder bridging between the solder balls, insufficient/excess solder, BGA voiding, BGA missing balls, and tilted BGAs.


The X-ray inspection of APOLLOPCB

X-ray inspection is one of the essential quality control steps in PCB manufacturing. It is the best inspection method for PCB assembly manufacturers to improve manufacturing quality further. APOLLOPCB provides a complete suite of PCB services, including PCB prototype, PCB assembly, PCB small-batch manufacturing, and PCB testing. We are proud of providing the best PCB manufacturing service at a competitive price. Our short lead time also can meet various requirements of customers from home and abroad.

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