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Green Apollo

Since the day of its foundation, APOLLOPCB budgets and invests on
environmental projects every year.

On the base of ensuring the satisfaction of the environment indicators to the legal requirements, the company tries its best to conserve energy, decrease consumption, reduce and prevent pollutions, and continuously improve manufacturing and office environment.

At its very beginning of establishment, APOLLOPCB in accordance with the regulation of environment protection issued by the State Council of P.R.C., carried out 'Three-Simultaneity System', namely to simultaneously design the environment protection facilities with the main part of the manufacturing project, to simultaneously set up the environment protection facilities with the main part of the manufacturing project and to simultaneously run the environment protection facilities while the manufacturing facilities were put into use. After that, accompanying with the development and growth of APOLLOPCB, environmental protection has been implemented all along according to the system of Three-Simultaneity. As a result, APOLLOPCB was awarded in 2009 and 2012 respectively with “Beautiful Environment Plant in Guangdong Province” and “Outstanding Company in Environmental Protection in Shenzhen”.

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Along with the advance of employee's consciousness on environmental protection, APOLLOPCB decided to found an environment management team and appoint an environment management representative, who is responsible for pushing the company's environment protection, establishing and implementing environment management system according to ISO14001:2004. In Dec. 2014, apollopcb obtained a certificate awarded by APOLLOPCB.

By establishing and implementing environment management system,APOLLOPCB systematically identifies and registers the controllable environmental impacts and environmental aspects within the company, basing on which the significant environmental aspects of the company are evaluated; Meanwhile APOLLOPCB accesses and identifies the applicable legal requirements and other concerned requirements, and sets the company's environment objectives, targets and programs. At the same time, APOLLOPCB implements the legal requirements by the daily management, thus fulfils the society responsibility and involved requirements of laws and conventions, and improves the company's society image.

During the implementation of environmental management system, APOLLOPCB works hard to save energy and reduce consumption, increase the utilization of materials as well as promote the cleaner production. In 2009, APOLLOPCB was audited and registered as a cleaner production enterprise by Economic and Trade Commission, Science and Technology Department and environmental protection bureau under Guangdong Province, which makes the company achieve environmental performances, enhances the company's social image and at the same time gains considerable economic benefits.

In addition, the establishment and implementation of environment management system influences and promotes the suppliers on environment protection and establishment of environment management system, which promotes more companies to strengthen environmental protection and brings forth more environmental performances, social and economic benefits.

In recent years, with the rise of the 'Green Tide' worldwide, especially the issue and implementation of EU's RoHS directive and REACH regulation, more and more enterprises focus on the control and management of the legal concerning hazardous and poisonous substances in their products. APOLLOPCB actually at earlier times has set up the policy to produce 'clean product' with 'clean material' and 'clean process' and established an internal stringent management system to control the concerned substances which assures the products of meeting the European's legal requirements and other involved requirements, and circulating in the international market.

Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, APOLLOPCB will continuously try its best to push on the environmental protection work to create and keep a health-friendly environment for the employees, contribute environment-friendly products for the society as well as to keep the mountains green and water clean.

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