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PCB technologies affect our daily life in many aspects. All kinds of home appliances and consumer electronics like mobile phones, computers, and laptops could not work without PCBs’ support. Among these, the born of LED lighting changed the traditional way of light and soon went into thousands of houses with its high-lighting and energy-saving advantages.

10 LED PCBs-1.jpg

LED PCBs have been widely used in numerous lighting applications, such as home lighting, street lighting, traffic and signal lighting, automotive headlights, airport lights, highway tunnel lighting, medical lighting, and other lightings.


The benefits of LED lightings

The full form of LED is the light-emitting diode. The LED on the PCBs will produce light when the supporting chip connects to the electricity. The PCBs soldered with LED components are referred to as LED PCBs.

10 LED PCBs(配图完成)10-2.jpg

With the lighting products become smaller and variable in shapes, LED lightings are more popular. LED PCBs give full play to their advantages in lighting applications.

The most obvious advantages of LED lighting are efficient and low power consumption. High-quality LED lamps are six to seven times more efficient than traditional lights and can reduce energy consumption by more than 80%. LED bulbs could last 25 times longer than any conventional light, meaning that much more time, money, and environmental impact can be reduced.


Besides, LED lightings are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and intensities. It is easy to adjust the light color and the brightness by integrating LED components with different color temperatures or different colors into the same PCB. Various luminaires can be used in different panels of shape, size, and material to meet different lighting requirements.

What’s more, other benefits such as lightweight, thinner, Excellent heat dissipation, and thermal expansion, good dimensional stability make LED lights so accessible in lighting applications.

10 LED PCBs-3.jpg


Why do the LED lighting manufacturers prefer metal-core PCBs?

There are many types of PCBs for different purposes, and we need to consider the factors that may affect board performance when selecting PCB manufacturing materials and processes. Here we focus on the importance of substrate materials in LED PCBs.

The LED PCBs will generate a lot of heat when they are working, making they are not easy to be cooled through traditional methods. Thus, the metal core PCBs are favored in LED applications due to the excellent heat dissipation, especially the aluminum PCBs. Aluminum PCBs are more cost-effective and lightweight than other metal core PCBs and can transfer the heat in a much higher efficiency way than traditional rigid PCBs.


APOLLOPCB is a professional PCB prototype manufacturer, providing turnkey service for all types of PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. If you are running a LED PCB project or you have any plan about the PCB prototype, please contact us freely. We believe that you will get the best answers, no matter in PCB design or PCB fabrication.

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